Logotype Development - Samples -the process, steps-

Our Biggest satisfaction is to create a Logotype and / or Icon that reflects 100% of what your business needs and what your segment of the market requires. With many years of experience we have managed to achieve a level of confidence in which we take great pride.

The examples below are samples of our process of creation. Normally we present 3 different ideas / concepts based on our client's input. After 1 or 2 rounds of edits we always end up with the Ideal logo that our clients are going to love and be proud of forever. Depending on your budget, we can either play it safe; or if you prefer, we can go deeper into your imagination and research. Either way, the final result is going to be exactly what you are envisioning.

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Euro Boutique - California
  EuroBoutique is an online store and this logo reflects the business owner's passion for speed and motorcycles, we were extremely pleased with the final result and this is one of our favorite logos!

Palms MD - California
  For Palms MD we presented 4 concepts, all based on client's input an info, he chosen number 3, although our favorite was number one, in the end we agreed though that this is the logo he was really looking for, it os indeed very successful.

Brennan AutoGroup- Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  Brennan is a new used car dealer located @ Fort Lauderdale Florida, this was a easy and pleasant logo to create, client as well us are very satisfied with the logo look and approach.

ROUND ONE: At the first round we presented 3 different concepts based on our info provided by the client.
ROUND TWO: Client was happy with the 8th ball/Knob concept number 3, yet we offered a last very last minute option that he really loved.
And options were offered.
  This was a hard one, not because client was difficult but because we wanted to really have the perfect logo, in this case we end up having a logo that made out client extremely happy and as well us, also this will last for a while.

FATE - Religious
  Fate, our client had 3 options, all similar because she had on her mind pretty much all clear, this job relatively easy, the final result is very pleasant to the eyes.