Amadeus - New ad campaign 2014
  Let's Shape Together Initial Concept

"Let's Shape Together" concept based on the content/copy provided by Jeremy, after on our conversations -and his content provided- I decided to approach on a very fun, yet, somehow "cool" approach, not just making a collage of Iconic cities around the world, but making a design that has depth, perspective and has a dynamic view into our eyes, a view of "eye candy on the top, and the bottom of peace, key cities were chosen, such, Sydney, London, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, NY, the Iconic PISA from Italy (Tuscany) and the magnificent Towers from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

The Brooklin bridge is there open and in perspective making out imagination and our capabilities to create such fantastic city, the water is used as a metaphor, as the main prime creation of the whole "LET'S SHAPE TOGETHER" Almost like "let's shape" a whole new world, were there's no walls, frontiers or barriers, of any kind, what in fact -in my Opinion- is what Travel is all about, one world, one love.

Jeremy's note:
"After discussing the creative brief with Oscar, he liked the notion of creating a cityscape of iconic landmarks (read: famous shapes) together; the shaping of the world into one easily accessible and customizable place: The freedom to be where you want to be. The freedom to do what you want to do. And freedom to be empowered to do it.

I like the wavy water. It says: the future is fluid; adaptable; in motion.

We played around with extra copy after the tagline, but ultimately decided to just leave it as is and you can add in as needed."

  Let's Shape Together Presentation

The Reason behind this main image, well, a one world, a world shaped by Travel, colorful, pleasing to the eyes perspective Image was created.

The Cities are Iconic and from all angles.

  Let's Shape Together Negative Usage
  Let's Shape Together Blue Background
  Let's Shape Together - BW