Amadeus - New ad campaign 2014
  BE THE HERO Initial Concept

"Be the Hero" concept presented based on the content/copy provided by Kaleena, I used her main 4 statements as the key words to be used to form the word "HERO" In my opinion, this will make many people to STOP and read the words, perhaps one "extra" word can be added? and used as the little "one word" that can make people laugh, of course, leaving an impression... as you get close to the word, you are going to see the 4 phrases being used freely, and in some instances some key words were also placed, words that make sense and are part of the whole concept presented and the message is being delivered. Perhaps great for Tshirts, Posters and such.

"Imagine a new route", "Make the adventure happen", "Guide them on their journey", "Show them that travel is possible"

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  BE THE HERO Presentation

Since the Theme is "BE THE HERO" Some "epic-stratospherical" proportions were used to illustrate a travel experience like a Hero.

With the Planet behind, the usage of a paper-plane instead a real airplane, is to show how capable we can be -if we allow ourselves- with our imagination, to reach high places, just like a "hero"!

A real airplane shadow is used to make us wonder, "is that a real plane?"

This format -I believe- has great Potential for animations and such

  BE THE HERO Negative Usage
  BE THE HERO Blue Background
  BE THE HERO - The type Treatment visual effect